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MailIt Plugin

hey guys right here and when i first started my internet marketing business I used MailChimp to send out my emails and the reason I used MailChimp is because they had a free plan and quite frankly at the time I couldn’t afford to pay an expensive autoresponder and then one day I logged in my account and I got a message that said it was suspended I was not able to send emails anymore I’m not really sure what I did I had a good open rate I had a good response rate my spam complaints were low just one day out of the blue they let me know that I was no longer able to send emails with their system even worse when I went and sent in a support ticket asking why I wasn’t able to send emails they completely ignored me they just cancelled my account and ignored any contact attempts that I made after that so basically what happened is over night I lost my business because in the IM business if you can’t send emails you are not in business I woke up one morning and my business was completely gone completely taken away from me fortunately I had saved backups of my email list so I was able to look for another autoresponder service I ended up going over to Aweber not because they were my first choice but because they were one of the few that actually allowed me to upload my existing list and of course they didn’t allow me to upload my entire list though they filtered out some of the emails and i ended up losing about thirty percent of my existing list they never really gave me any explanation as to why they were filtering out those emails these were emails from people that were opening my messages that wanted to get my messages but for one reason or another without any explanation Aweber simply said that I couldn’t upload those emails to their servers but at least I had seventy percent of my list in an autoresponder and I was able to send out emails again honestly at the time I was happy with that because it’s better than being completely out of business things will a weber were great for a while I build my list up to over nine thousand subscribers i was getting great open rates i was getting high click rates and i was getting low spam complaints everything was wonderful and i was happy that i was actually making money in the internet marketing business all my hard work and effort was finally paying off in fact i was getting much higher responses than the industry standard I was getting 20 to 22 open rates ten to twelve percent click rates low complaint rates and low bounces and then one day all of that changed all of a sudden I started getting hundreds of bounces from my emails I didn’t know what had happened I thought that I was doing something wrong so I called Aweber up and I asked him what I had done to cause this huge increase in bounces which was also given me a decrease in my opens and in my clicks and you know what they told me they told me that I didn’t do anything wrong they told me that the problem was a spammer on their system had caused one of their IP addresses to get a bad reputation so in essence what had happened was somebody else using the a boy / platform had hurt everybody inside of the Aweber platform even people like me who were sending good solid emails to people who had actually subscribed in essence i was personally suffering not for something that I had done but because i was using a multi-user system that had allowed a negative user to sneak in and hurt the entire platform after a while i noticed that the balances weren’t so high anymore but i wasn’t getting anywhere near as many opens where i was getting 2,000 2,300 2,400 opens on a single email now I was only getting 1,500 1,400 1,300 and sometimes even much less and I started to get worried I thought that I was losing touch with my customers I thought I was losing my list and I thought I was losing my business so once again i called a weber and i asked them if i was doing something wrong i asked him if there was a problem with me and once again they told me the problem wasn’t with me the problem was with them the problem was with their system and their system being on black lists because a spammer had gotten into their network and was using Aweber in a negative way once again I was being hurt not from what I had done but because i was using a multi-user system and in negative user was hurting everybody after a couple of months I had enough I decided that it was time to create my own system it was time to create my own way to send out emails to my subscribers so that I don’t have to rely on anybody but myself and because of this i started working on the mail a wordpress plugin now after nearly six months of development i felt that i had a reliable system I felt that I had a system that I could not only sell to my customers but that I could also use in my own business so I decided to put my money where my mouth is I decided to bite the bullet delete my a weber list and put my entire business in the hands of my mail at wordpress plugin so here are some of the results that i’ve been getting with the mail at wordpress plugin and i wanted to use it in my own business for two reasons first of all I wanted to get better open rates and better deliverability then I was getting with the auto responders and second of all because I strongly feel that if i’m going to ask people to trust their business in the hands of my software i should be willing to trust my own business in the hands of the very same software so let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the email opens and click rates that i’ve got the first one I’m going to show you is my review for facebook live wire and you can see here I got 2080 opens with the very first email that i sent i got a 21-percent open rate to that email now that email didn’t have a clickable link in it so I doesn’t show me any clicks but i want you to see the open rate immediately as soon as i started using my mail at wordpress plugin with the very same list that i was sending to Aweber i went from 1200 opens to 2,000 opens how about my review for Luke macguire’s insta viral software let’s go ahead and take a look at that one and you can see I got 2,000 opens 21% 994 unique clicks I got a 21-percent open rate and a ten percent click rate now that’s more like it that’s the kind of email open rates and click rates that I want to not the 12 or 1300 opens that I had been getting before with my regular auto responder well let’s not stop there let’s look at a few more of them so this one actually went down a little bit i only got 1964 open rates and 940 unique clicks still in nineteen percent open right in a still nine percent click rate which is still much better than i was getting before with my regular auto responder now this is slightly lower but hey they can’t all be as high as the other ones but you know what maybe they actually can let’s see what happened when i sent out for a private webinar that i did with my partner mike from maine and here it is 2320 opens I got a twenty percent open right now the quick rate was a little lower on this because it was a webinar sign up it wasn’t a link to a review on my review blog but I want you to notice that open airy twenty percent 2320 opens from an 11,000 email list this is well above the average industry open rate and it’s well above what i was getting with the traditional auto responder it’s right back to where i was getting with the autoresponder before the autoresponder started having a ton of trouble because they let a spammer into their network which hurt everybody even the people who were sending good solid emails now there are actually two big myths that people love to quote when they talk about using a self-hosted mailing service the first one is that they’re not going to get the deliverability and as you can see i just proved that wrong i actually get a better deliverability sending with my mail at wordpress plugin then i did with my high priced autoresponder the second thing that they love to say is that your IP address is going to get bad that as soon as you start sending out mass emails your IP address is going to get blacklisted and you’re not going to get in on the inbox anymore and your reputation is going to get destroyed and i want to go ahead and disprove that one right now so here we are we’re on sender score and you can feel free to do this yourself as well if you want to test this yourself i’m going to go ahead and I’m going to add in my domains IP address so you have to type it in here I’m going to check the captcha to show that i’m actually not a robot i’ll click on view report and as you can see this IP address is the real IP address for my host there’s my hostname protecting com there is my rating I am rated as a high-volume sender you can actually see my volume has shot way up as I started using this in my own business and look at my sender score it is 99 out of 100 a perfect sender score is 100 my sender score for my IP address sending with my mail at wordpress plugin is literally almost a perfect sender score so don’t think that because you’re sending from your own IP address or sending from a wordpress plugin that you’re automatically going to get blacklisted and your IP address is going to get back that is completely false as long as you’re sending good emails to people who opted in as long as you’re not spamming and as long as you’re using a system that sends out the emails in the proper format you are going to be treated as a good sender as you can see I am treated as a near-perfect sender so now that I have the mail at WordPress plug-in and I’m using it in my business I can upload anybody I want to my email list I don’t have anybody telling me who I can send to and who I can send to I don’t have anybody telling me how much I can send and when I can send I don’t have anybody telling me what I can send and best of all I’m not paying a huge monthly fee I’m sending out as many emails as I like as often as I like without restriction and without any monthly fee paid to an autoresponder i have been using the mail at wordpress plugin exclusively for my business for quite some time now and I intend to continue using it exclusively for my business if you’re tired of paying a high monthly fee if you’re tired of having the auto responders tell you what you can upload and who you can send Duke if you’re tired of not getting your emails in people’s inboxes because the auto responders are having problems then you need the mail at wordpress plugin the mail at wordpress plugin is going to be available to the public on August nineteenth 2016 you can click the sign up form below to get on the early bird notification list and I look forward to you using the wordpress plugin in your business just like I have been using it my business so you can get the kind of results that I’ve been getting thank you and enjoy