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How to Make Money Online – 16 Methods to earn Passive Income and get paid from home

Hey guys I have two main goals with this video the first one is to educate and motivate you to learn how to make money online and the second is to beat improvement pills video on the same topic and hopefully by accomplishing the first goal by educating and motivating you and adding immense value throughout this video it will lead me to my second goal because for some reason I’m really competitive anyways the first time this video will be about active income and active income is basically exchanging your own time for money and the last half of this video will be about passive income online which basically means that it requires a little bit of initial startup time and resources but very very little upkeep once you set it up and at the very end of this video I’m going to give you my 3 recommendations for a beginner what I would have told myself a long time ago if I was starting to try to earn money online so feel free to sit back and learn you can even minimize this video

If you’d like anyways here we go so if you’ve never heard of Amazon MTurk before what it stands for is Amazon Mechanical Turk it’s basically a marketplace hosted by Amazon to do things that robots can’t do that they have to have humans to do and they outsource it to you guys they outsource it to people with extra time who want to earn a little extra money there are all kinds of tasks on this website anywhere from searching data to data entry to transcribing which transcribing means watching and listening to a video or audio file and then typing it and you can actually make fifteen to thirty dollars an hour if you know how to do this correctly and if you know more than one language you can actually make money on this website by translating stuff now I’ve personally done this and I earned around forty to fifty dollars and I didn’t put much work into it but my friend he worked a full time job and he actually did this on the side and he did it for a couple months and actually earned more than I think it was like three hundred fifty dollars each month so they are real they do payout you just have to put the time into it another way to make money online is by eBay now you can combine eBay Craigslist you can even go to the dollar store Facebook marketplace and basically what you do is you become an entrepreneur buying low and selling high you know you go to your local dollar store and you find this little trinket oh that looks cool I want to win

It cost on eBay you look it up on eBay and you can sell it for 20 more dollars it’s maybe it’s a super soaker water gun you buy it at the dollar store for three dollars you sell it on eBay for twenty three boom twenty dollars right there it probably doesn’t even take you an hour worth of your time anyways there are all kinds of marketplaces out there and if you learn how to leverage them what sells best to where you can make a ton of money flipping stuff number three is surveys now surveys are kind of a pain in the butt especially because I start getting some spam in the mail but you can’t make a ton of money on this there’s places out there like swag bucks which I’ll talk about later inbox dollars my points there’s all kinds of places you sign up to you take daily surveys and you make money that’s not going to be a substantial amount like thousands of dollars a month but if you have a grocery bill or rent or some other type of expense that you need to get taken care of that month and you have some extra time it’s a great way to fill that gap now on to swag bucks swag bucks is pretty cool because you can literally get paid by searching stuff so I did this probably a couple years ago and I’ve been doing it every now and then when my free time and you can earn a lot of extra money doing this basically instead of going to Google you use swag bucks custom search engine which you can set it to Google and you search stuff like how to tie a tie and then every once in a while they’ll give you a reward for using their search engines now there are tons of other ways to earn money on swag bucks you can actually shop

If you’re going to shop on Amazon and you shop through them they will actually pay you a percentage of money for doing that you can watch videos that they have basically like watching advertisements other companies you can play games answer surveys there’s all kinds of ways to make money on this and they do pay I have been paid by this company usually they just pay you buy gift cards which isn’t that bad after swag bucks is instagram shoutouts our instagram shoutouts is really cool but it does take a little bit of time to build up because you have to have an initial following that’s really cool because initially if you want to get a whole bunch of followers you can go through follow 100 people and then unfollow that 100 people and you’ll usually have a net gain of like 10 to 50 new followers if you do that over time maybe a thousand times in one month or a couple months eventually you’ll start to gain followers and if you need to you can actually buy them but after you have that initial following you can actually sell shoutouts if you haven’t followed me on instagram yet follow me at practical underscore psych there’s some awesome updates on there that I can’t share on YouTube that I share on my Instagram anyways when I get to around 200,000 maybe even half a million I can start asking people to pay me so that I can shot them out I have a friend who does this he has around 2 million Instagram followers you might think holy moley that’s a lot of followers to get

I don’t think I can ever do that well he said the same thing around 2 years ago and now he makes around 5 to 6 thousand dollars a month just by doing shoutouts he’s easily made his money back the next way to make money online is by freelance jobs now one of the best marketplaces for freelance work is up work and this is actually what I use for all kinds of other stuff so if you’re a video editor if you’re a graphic designer even if you just want to like literally play a video game or test a website people will pay you to do this also if you’re ever in need of a virtual assistant up work is a great place to go personally I use of work to hire occasional article writers video editors and even they do some graphic design work that I don’t feel comfortable doing myself but you can sign up to up work as a freelancer which means when someone post a job you can do it boom they’re 60 bucks in your pocket for designing a background or boom there’s $100 in your pocket for editing a six minute video now another usually cheaper marketplace is fiber the fiber is really cool because there’s a lot more people that do it usually because this stuff is cheaper and you can make money by selling your services so you can do SEO work you can do video editing graphic design even website feedback if you’re comfortable doing that well you can sell your own services but there’s another way to make money with Fiverr that not very many people know about

If they do know about it they’re usually raking in a ton of cash and that is to buy services from Fiverr for $5 $10 and then sell them to businesses who don’t know how to get the same services that cheap for maybe $100 $200 I’ve literally seen some guy go to a company and say hey I’ll make you a logo for $500 and then he takes that and he goes and pays five or $10 he gets a great logo and he just made like over $400 profit for a weekend’s worth of work it’s crazy once you learn how to do this you can scale it and make all kinds of money now let’s talk a little bit about passive income now if you don’t know anything about passive income I highly encourage you to buy my ebook in the link below it’s called passive income tutorial and it goes through all kinds of mistakes that I’ve made in the past and what I’ve done in the past that has made me successful in fact one month I actually earned $15,000 a couple months later I actually didn’t do any work for a solid month I literally read books all month I didn’t do anything online and I earned $4,000 if you watch all the way through this video there will be a video in the in screen showing that proof and the reason I did that was as a testimonial to say I know how to make passive income online and you can buy this ebook if you want to learn how because there are a ton of people out there who say they can make money online but the only way that they make money online is by selling other people the dream that they can make money online – anyways the first way you can make passive income online is by selling photos so there are all kinds of websites out there that will pay you a percentage of how much money they earn from selling your photo so stuff like SmugMug Pro Shutterstock iStockphoto if you’ve ever tried to buy a photo you’ll realize wow that was a hundred dollars for one photo well that’s because Shutterstock pays a percentage of that money to the person that took that photo and you can do the same you can take one photo and then sell it on shutterstock and who knows someone might buy that every day and you’ll get 50 bucks that’s 50 bucks a day that you don’t have to do any more work and that’s the glory of passive income

The second way that I’ve learned to make passive income online is through Clickbank now Clickbank is a marketplace basically of other people’s products and the cool thing about this is is that you get to sell someone else’s product it’s basically affiliate marketing and I’ll talk a little bit about that in the future on Clickbank personally there are only two products that I highly encourage someone to buy because I have bought them before and they’re super easy to sell the first one is K money mastery and the second one is video breakthrough Academy and video breakthrough Academy it was actually created by one of my youtuber friends anyways what you do is you make a whole bunch of content and then you lead people to your affiliate link and then whenever someone clicks on that affiliate link you get a percentage of the sale for example video breakthrough Academy every time I sell one of those I get half of whatever someone pays for the product so if they pay $300 for that I will earn $150 some people make over 60,000 80,000 there are even some people who earn over half a million dollars online through selling other people’s product

The third coolest way to make passive income online is through Amazon affiliates now the way that Amazon affiliates work is that you put a link in your description of your YouTube channel or your blog or some other website that you have and what happens is whenever someone clicks on that link boom they get a cookie on their browser which means any product they buy on Amazon for the next 24 hours you get a percentage of and one example of this is that on my youtube channel I sell ebooks I create book reviews and then I sell books in the affiliate link in the description and someone actually clicked onto one of those links and then went and bought a thousand dollar camera now I personally did not sell that thousand dollar camera but what happened was Amazon wanted to reward me for directing the person to Amazon and they actually gave me like 50 bucks for that sale I wasn’t even selling a camera and that was something that is really cool that a lot of people can do and usually the more clicks you can get on your Amazon affiliate links the more money you will earn even if it’s not selling your product now one guy I know who has earned a ton on this and has all kinds of experience his name is Luke Lincoln and he is a website that literally sells just wireless routers and he is documented that he has earned over forty thousand dollars in one month from Amazon affiliate earnings now I mentioned earlier that I actually have an e-book and that’s a whole another way that you can make passive income is by selling Kindle e-books now Kindle e-books are really easy to create and some people think that it’s just really hard to make them so they don’t get into them but I bought and went through the K money mastery course which I’ll link in the description below and it teaches you how to create a Kindle eBook how to market your Kindle eBook how to do little tips and tricks on the Kindle Store so that it does well and selling and I did that before I created my passive income tutorial ebook and it did amazingly well I’ve earned like six or seven hundred dollars in the first couple months the trick with making money on Kindle is not that you have one book that makes you a thousand dollars a month it’s having 100 books that makes you a dollar a day so that adds up and over time your investments start to return on themselves and you have a hundred ebooks maybe making between one and two sales a day earning you one hundred to two hundred dollars a day and that adds up over time so if you’re interested in that I highly recommend going and checking out K money mastery and you can do something that improvement pill recommended which is to buy the product and then go through the course learn everything and then if you need to for some reason you need that money back you can ask for a refund because there is a 30-day refund on that product you can get that money back and then you can start creating your Kindle courses and then when you start earning your money back you know it’s a respect thing it’s a moral thing you should buy the product again so that the guy gets his money the next way to make passive income online is by selling digital files now one of the best sites that I found to do this is self Icom and usually they take a commission of whatever you sell it’s like two to five percent I think but you can create a small little course or you can have website templates or you can have your own WordPress themes and sell it on this website drive traffic to that and then eventually I’ll make money another way to make money by selling stuff is signing up for you to me and teaching a course now I’ve heard by some specific people that udemy kind of sucks because they’ll gyp you out of money because it’ll take your $300 course and then put it on sale for $10 so that they can get more users on their website and that’s kind of blackhat kind of ripping off creators but what I recommend doing is going to teachable calm teachable for me personally I think it’s way better than you to me and it’s actually what I’m going to be making my own personal courses on I’m almost finished with a habbit course and I’m working on some ideas on social skills money management and the psychology of your thought those courses if for some reason you’re interested in this course and you want to coupon on them whenever they come out I guarantee you you will have a coupon you will get a better price than everyone else if you go to practical pi comm and put your little email in that newsletter thing that whenever I launched that course

I will launch it with a coupon code so that you’ll get it a cheaper version so onto a membership website and this is essentially what I was going to do with practical Pi I was going to say all right everyone $30 a month you can sign up to my membership site you’ll get all kinds of information that I’ve learned have regurgitated from books everything I’ve learned from business psychology relationships but those kind of membership sites take a lot of upkeep and I didn’t want to do that on my own so I outsource it to teachable and whenever I launch my course that’s what I’m going to use this teachable instead of my own membership website so that I don’t have to deal with the coding and the back-end stuff and the last way that I’m going mentioned how you can make money online is by building a youtube channel now when you build a YouTube channel you can make a lot of money with ad revenue but it takes a ton of views you can actually make way more money if you sell stuff in the description you might get 10,000 views and that might earn you $20 but if you get 10,000 views and 10% of those people buy a $300 course of yours that’s going to earn way more money than the video ever will so when you build a YouTube channel you have got to be passionate and I cannot stress this enough because there are tons of people who get into YouTube and will make a couple videos and then fall out because they’re not passionate about it and they just give up and for me I want to tell you guys personally it took 98 videos for my channel to hit that big golden star and to go boom YouTube likes this channel it’s going to start promoting it one of my videos got into recommended I learned and after creating 98 videos I got really good at how to create titles how to make your thumbnails and how to make sure that the viewer was engaged I learned how to do all of that through 98 videos now for some reason if you want to skip making 97 videos and you want to have all of that experience on your own you can actually go and check out the video breakthrough Academy it’s actually created by one of my friends I’ve went through the course and I was like man I wish I could have learned this stuff back

When I was starting my youtube channel so that I didn’t have to learn it all myself actually going through his course I learned even more and it was really helpful so if for some reason you guys want to check that out I’ll put a link to that in the description below it’s called video breakthrough Academy there’s some amazing value and there he goes over how to make more money on YouTube videos he goes over how to do collaborations correctly he goes over how to record a video how to script the video a whole bunch of little tips and tricks for engagement and anyways that is one of the best tools that I would suggest so that you can learn how to make money online quicker so we’ve went over about 8 active income tips which is in Turks eBay surveys swag bucks Instagram shoutouts freelance work freelance work on Fiverr and then actually selling fiber products to hire businesses and then we also went over eight passive income strategies and that is to sell photos online utilize Clickbank and affiliate sales Amazon affiliate sales selling Kindle e-books selling digital files on sulfide using udemy are teachable to create an mine course creating your own membership website and building a YouTube channel so now I’m going to give you my three recommendations for any beginners who want to learn how to make money online the first is to buy the K money mastery program ask for a refund and then buy it again later after you’ve made your money back you can learn as much as you want but premium stuff will always contain value and sometimes just paying that initial cost of buying the K money mastery program will motivate you to work harder and become successful so that you can actually earn your money back it’s a great course that would be my first recommendation for a beginner who wanted to learn to make money online as it’s been said in the past you’ve got to spend money to make money and this course really doesn’t cost that much for how much you’re going to be getting out of it my second recommendation is to sign up for fiber and offer whatever skills you have now there are a ton of tutorials on this and if for some reason you don’t have a skill you can start watching youtube videos learn Photoshop learn After Effects learn how to code a website learn how to create a beautiful user interface whatever you can do to offer the world value and then sell that value on Fiverr and you make most of your money on Fiverr not by selling a 5 dollar product but by the upsells selling more expensive upgrades and my last recommendation for beginners is to buy my ebook in the link below now of course I will be earning money on this but hopefully I’ve added enough value in the e-book that you will earn way more money back the first third of the e-book is actually going through my mistakes and what kind of mistakes you guys can skip in the future so that you can make money online quicker basically it’ll help you jump-start your online income career if that’s what you want to do I hope you guys enjoy this video I hope you got insane value out of it if you did share this video with your friends click the like button and subscribe if you want more

This Is How You Can Make Money Online In 2018 With NO MONEY As A Beginner!

What’s going on guys in this video today We’re going to be talking about how you can make money online in 2018 and start your own online business with zero dollars It’s not drop shipping It’s not affiliate marketing although that has something to do with it later on it’s not any other make money online method You’re probably thinking about however that it’s in front of you right now. It’s all over the internet you see it every single day It’s personal branding hate it or love it guys personal branding makes people a lot of money And I’m going to show some income results in a second so stay tuned where you can see the potential of personal branding There’s a few reasons why I’m doing this video today guys number. One is I want to show people that anyone can do this anyone can literally go out there start a personal brand and will go through my story because I’m I have a Feeling my story is going to relate to a lot of people. I’m going to go over What’s holding? You back later on in this video and how to overcome that and the second thing I want to motivate people to do that we just had 50,000 subscribers on this channel, and I’m a very very lazy youtuber I’m very inconsistent. I don’t upload all the time. I am getting bitter that I used to be very very socially awkward I still am not on YouTube as much anymore But I want to show you that you can actually get this done yourself And how much money can be made from personal branding because hey love it. It’s here to stay and personal branding There’s going to be massive and 2018 all right, so let’s jump into this. I’ll show some earnings then later on in the video We’ll talk about how you can get this done Show the potential show you how to get past those those blocks those roadblocks that are stopping you from doing this yourself First of all dropping like guys. We just hit fifty thousand subscribers, which is pretty good for someone. That’s been a lazy Youtuber so if you’re new drop alike if you’ve been with me since the start guys drop a like as we have tons more Content on the way, so let’s jump into some earnings So you guys can see kind of the potential and what personal branding can do we’ll just do a refresh here So you can have a look now? This is $55 thousand dollars u.s.. In the last 30 days now this is mostly pretty much 90% traffic from a YouTube channel to one of my courses a Fifty-five thousand is not is not a lot compared to what some people making online This is kind of at the low end scale for me. I suppose it really depends my incomes Up and down online sometimes I get lazy sometimes I don’t but this is the last 30 days from mostly YouTube traffic And I’d haven’t even really use my YouTube to promote my course a lot I just sometimes mention it in videos And then also the power of personal branding guys a lot of people hate people that do personal branding But at the end of the day come on guys you know personal branding can make money because you’re helping people this is and Three months I think it was on the when I launched one of my courses one hundred sixty fifty thousand dollars just on the launch This is what North elites know nothing This is just from some emails and posting an Facebook group, so as you can see guys personal branding is pretty powerful and you can make money from it and 2018 is going to be a very very big year for personal branding So it’s a good idea to get started if you want to get into that Now how much money do I make from YouTube itself? I can’t actually tell you I’m talking about ad revenue It’s a ranges between around about fifteen hundred to two thousand two hundred per month It really just depends on how much my post and stuff like that So I don’t know the I don’t know if that’s a lot, or I mean that’s pretty good I suppose for a channel of fifty thousand subscribers, but I’m not really 100% sure I don’t worry about that too much alright And then there’s also Affiliate commissions if you want to know how much I make from that there will be a video and the link below go and check That out after this video it shows you all of my affiliate earnings from my Personal branding stuff alright pretty cool stuff there now the one thing I want to kind of crush right now guys Is everyone thinks you need to have a good camera you need to be on camera you don’t okay? if you want to be on camera all you need is a cell phone if You don’t want to be on camera You don’t need to be on camera, so this is my channel here all of my first videos guys I wasn’t even on camera, and they have thousands of views my talking sucked. I sucked at talking everything just sucked But because I was providing value people liked my content people still signed up to my email list I still built a community From the content. It’s not about you like you on the camera It’s about the value you provide so one of my first videos and actually guys stay tuned So I’m actually gonna tell you how I got all these views how to get lots of views and lots of subscribers alright So what I actually did was on my first video here. I was on camera, but I used my cell phone We have our cell phone every single day YouTube is about documenting what we’re doing and it’s exactly what I did I Did a video on how I get traffic to my blog. I simply shared that online and blow up I’ve got quite a lot of views in the fields like a couple of months And I did that with just a cell phone guys Nothing else and even then you don’t even need to be on camera if you don’t want to That’s the thing I thought to myself I have to be on camera I have to do all this crazy stuff and these two these are my two first videos right I Thought I had to be on camera and I was like man. This sucks. This is hard, and I nearly gave up I nearly gave up two took me so long to do these videos then you’ll see the rest of my videos guys I wasn’t on camera apart from these ones. I wasn’t on camera because I thought I don’t need to be on camera Why? Why why do I need to be on camera so if you’re one of those people that you? Haven’t done. This well. You’re not doing this because not being on camera. I’ve because being on camera is stopping You don’t let that stop you. Okay go out there right now after this video start a YouTube channel effect I challenge you to go and do that okay Go and start a YouTube channel, and or even a blog or something and start to build up a community now Here is someone here miles of Bickler He does every single one of his videos guys from a mobile cell phone every single one of his videos He’s built up a personal brand worth thirty eight thousand followers and quite a quick time quick amount of time And he just does all of his videos via mobile phone. Here’s another one Joaquin a friend of mine Started as YouTube channel one month ago currently at four hundred and sixty thousand subscribers. That’s quite good for someone Just started in a month now that this thing about um You should as it works and levels so what happens is once you hit 1000 subscribers Your videos start to get shown more once you have 10,000 your videos start to get shown more on YouTube and then 20,000 the more subscribers you get the more your content gets right around The internet that that’s how it works with YouTube because the more people that engage with your content All right, so once Joaquim had some a thousand. He’ll start to get followers quite a bit quicker Here’s another guy guys, and this brings me to how to actually get views to your YouTube channel all right I’ll tell you in a second so this guy’s called Ryan He makes around about ten thousand dollars per month from his YouTube channel And what he does is he goes out there and actually replicates other videos that are doing really well And he does his own version. Why would why you will never get rich and two weeks? They’ve got over 450,000 views and make sure gonna be doing my own version of this soon He found another video very similar that was getting a lot of views and into his own version And he’s getting crazy amount of views That’s how you got and get views guys you replicate other videos that are doing very very well And you do your own version of that okay? That’s how I go out there and build do videos as well if you see from a lot of my other videos so these ones Aren’t actually the first on the scene to do these, but make money online with Instagram I’ve did my own version of someone else’s video the Tai Lopez scam I did a another version of someone else’s videos, and that’s how I got tons of views alright, so you can see the potential Now this is where I get most of my traffic from suggested videos and YouTube search So suggested videos is basically what I Ryan’s done here He’s gone out and done a video very similar to another video. You know people watching that video. They’re gonna suggest Ryan’s video Okay, that’s how suggested what our views work, and then YouTube search you go and rank for keywords I think for instance I rank for something like how to make money on Clickbank I’m pretty sure I’m first Yeah, so my video is first how to make money on Clickbank for free guys seventy seven thousand views and I wasn’t even on camera Okay, so that’s how you get the traffic That’s how you got there start your personal brand and all of that good stuff now I’m another thing you guys can do is actually start a Facebook group, which I’ve done thirty thirty six thousand members This wasn’t actually for my brand this was more for talking about many online methods However, my brand is quite strong here So that does help a lot and another thing you can do to boost your personal brand guys is actually run a blog This blog actually ran before I started a YouTube channel So I did this blog before that and um I get a lot of traffic to this blog and it’s all personal Branding which is really really cool stuff, so what can you actually do like like with your YouTube channel? What kind of income streams can you look at I was going to a slide for this? But let’s just go over right now first of all you can say your own products right that’s really cool stuff Let’s go back to YouTube real quick. You can sell your own products Second you can do a flip marketing third you can build an email list to do your own To promote your own products you can do sponsored videos if you like I don’t really do any of that stuff I don’t know much about that sort of stuff, but I get emails guys I get emails every single day with people asking me to do sponsored promotions and in fact Let’s just have a look at this video this this video right here how to make money online or shove afire 300,000 views when I first posted that guys People were emailing me saying can I put my link in the description? I’ll pay you after 50 bucks per month 100 bucks per month $200 for a week people were actually emailing me every single day asking if they can put their link in the video I asked if I could do sponsored videos for them so once you actually start getting videos rent People will contact you and ask you to do reviews on their products Ask you to do a flip promotions on their products as you do sponsored stuff on your products on their products I don’t really do much of that you probably don’t really need to I would concentrate on building an email list and I would also concentrate on either You know promoting some affiliate products later on or your own course Now the reason people kind divided with branding because a lot of people think that you know Personal branding people just go out there to make money and stuff well if you provide value And let’s say you do a video on how to create a website and you put a link in there to You know get a commission well you have the right to do that you’ve created a free quality video This you could either go and put the link of the website in there Or you could put an affiliate link and get us Commission is absolutely nothing wrong with affiliate marketing This is a perfectly good way to go out there and make money online and for personal branding guys I recommend YouTube blogs Facebook groups Snapchat Instagram you don’t want to try and stick to one platform, and it’s going to be hard to manage all the platforms But right now. I do YouTube blog and Instagram. I don’t do much snapchat anymore all you’ve got Facebook stories Things like that just in case if something happens to YouTube then you can go on your Instagram and say hey This is where I am now I’m on Facebook or something like that alright, so personal branding is really really big But I want to squash a few more beliefs guys Before We jump out of this video alright first of all you don’t need to be a super expert in your niche Okay, don’t let that hold you back You just have to know enough to do some videos and as you go along You actually start to get better at explaining things And you start to get better at doing videos and all that sort of good stuff All right trust me you’ll start to get better my first six months I was so bad at YouTube yet those videos got the most views And my worst time on YouTube my like worst video quality those got the best views okay So don’t worry about being an expert. You don’t need to worry about any of that crazy stuff alright Don’t let that hold you back. You don’t need expensive camera gear and in fact You don’t need any camera gear at all this video right now I’m just using my camera up here just for like personal branding right you see my face you see what I did there This is just kind of for like personal branding, but you can just do a video with no Camera no face. Nothing like that just slideshows. They work very very well And once again, you don’t need to be on camera which is what I’ve listed under there Okay & Seek and you don’t need any crazy camera to camera editing skills so in this video for particular I am going to do a little bit of editing just because I have to do some cuts because my phone went off had to answer a phone call before but usually a video like this guys I wouldn’t have to edit I can just go through talk about a bunch of stuff and then just throw the video on YouTube Alright now another thing. I want to talk about I should have put it here is content Do I need to? Upload all the time No way guys you do not need to upload all the time if you go through my channel my first videos I like did my first one then I waited a month I think and then did another one you don’t have to upload all the time That’s a bit of a myth some people like to do like a 30 day challenge a 90 day challenge And yes that works great for some channels I tried that I mind it didn’t work very well because people didn’t like seeing me every single day they they liked my my flow of weekly monthly That’s how people liked my channel right now if you start a channel and you want to do the 30 day challenge and stuff yeah absolutely Because that’s your flow what happens is you’re gonna get a flow through your channel in your branding, and if you change that People were going to Notice then some people might not like it and what I mean is let’s say you start a channel and you upload Every couple of months or every month and you all of a sudden you start uploading all the time it might just change things I’m not saying it will but what I’m trying to say is you don’t need to be Like really square with how you upload all the time. You don’t need to upload the same time every day You don’t need to upload the same time every week. You don’t even need to upload every week Just upload whenever you feel like it whenever you’re documenting stuff Okay, that’s the key to youtube and stuff like that all right, so you don’t need to be an expert guys You don’t need special camera gear. You don’t need to be on camera. You don’t need to be good at editing you don’t even need an init at all and You don’t need to upload all the time You can literally guard their ass start a YouTube channel right now after watching my video, and it’s free Okay, you’ve already got the camera if you want to be on camera You’ve already got the laptop or what in it if you want to do slides like this. I don’t know if you do those on On phone maybe you can all right now one other thing I do want to cover guys It’s really important as the haters. Okay. This is a very important topic Hate haters and sometimes what makes people stop YouTube or not want to start it guys I embrace the haters so much to bring them on there’s a reason why number one haters comment on your stuff and dislike and like and all that sort of stuff that counts as Engagement when haters meantime your stuff, that’s a good thing It’s engagement and boosts your videos up to the top go in there and comment and get those haters commenting again And just just like troll them so they keep commenting on your stuff, and it gives you a videos to the top this video right here Okay Where is it this video right here? how to make money online on Shopify got so much hate guys because people were like whatever this wouldn’t work This is all bullshit now look at it. It’s one of the biggest money-making methods online I was actually one of the first people to ever post about the Shopify dropshipping myth that I actually think I was on YouTube and I got so much hate and I was loving it because it got the video to the top I was actually getting commissions from Shopify and The haters didn’t realize that their stupidity and their trolling and whatever they were doing was actually helping the video That’s what got it ranked in YouTube And that’s what got a lots of views so if you get haters guys, and you will get haters Don’t worry about it guys. Let them do their thing Haters come and go okay that is jealous Cuz then are where you are okay, just let just let them come and go don’t worry about haters with your personal branding You’re gonna get them. Just let them do their thing They’re gonna help your videos boost to the top of YouTube so that’s it guys That’s how you can go out to make money online in 2018 don’t worry about any of the camera stuff and Just to go out there and like you don’t even have to teach you can do gaming you can Do if you’re fishing you can do a fishing channel you can do any anything like you don’t have to be not an entrepreneur niche You can be in any particular niche you want in fact I was thinking of doing a fishing channel recently cuz I do alot of fishing so you just go out there and just use YouTube as a Personal brand if you’re in the gaming issues affiliate products in the gaming niche You can do a gaming course maybe I don’t know but you can go out there and start a YouTube channel and pretty much anything Now before you finish us off guys some of you guys know I am bringing out a course on a fully marketing and it will include some youtube stuff so get on the VIP list If you want to get internet because I will be doing a particular discount on that I will be discounted to the people on the list alright guys to get on there I’m going to leave some more videos up here for you to check out if you wanna check out my last Affiliate marketing video where I show you my philia earnings from YouTube and things like that and don’t forget to like the video subscribe For more content, and I’ll see you guys in the next video

How To Make Money Online Fast 2017 & 2018 – Start Today Make $200 – $500 per Day (No Experience)

hey how’s it going my friend my name is J Brown and you’re probably at this video because you’re looking for a legitimate way to make money online you probably came to this video because you’re maybe sick and tired of your 9 to 5 job and you just want a way out or you probably someone that loves your job and you just want to make some additional income on the side well you came to the right video because I’m going to be sharing with you a work from home opportunity make money online opportunity however you want to call it that can make you thousands and thousands of dollars each and every month and I’m not just here to talk about it I’m here to actually show you undeniable proof visual proof show you that you can make money online because most people that shoot these videos they talk about how much money you can make but they never actually show you proof they never a lot of them don’t even show their face when I’m not here I want to be straight up with you I want to be real with you because I’ve been in your situation before a matter of fact five years ago guys uh I was struggling struggling to pay my bills I was struggling to keep my lights on guys there were times that I’ve slept in my car now I’m not here to talk about my story and whatnot but I just want to let you know where I came from you know I was looking for a way out I had a very very stressful job and they just didn’t pay me enough for my time and I just wanted time freedom guys I wanted to be my own boss I wanted to to enjoy life I wanted to go on vacations when I want it you know I didn’t want to be tied down to a job and that’s probably why you’re here you’re probably looking for way out of your 9 to 5 and or maybe you just like I said want to make some additional income now let’s talk about digital altitude I’ve been with this program for about three and a half to four months guys and I believe they literally been making over a over 10 10 grand every month with this program now this is not my first program but this is the one I’m going to be talking about today because I’m trying to help a lot of people you know come onboard and change their life digital altitude is basically a in platform to show you how to make money online you get your own coach and and he’s you know he literally walks you through or he or she walks you through every step of the way on how to make money on the internet now as you can see right here we’re logged into my back office of the program this is where I can see my income as you can see right here guys today I’ve made six hundred and sixteen dollars yesterday I made fifty five dollars I actually didn’t even do any work yesterday and still made fifty five dollars our last seven days I’ve made of eighteen hundred dollars in the last thirty days guys I’ve made over ten thousand dollars with this program now it shows six less 365 days here but I’ve actually only been in the program for about like I said three and a half to four months guys and I’ve already made over twenty five thousand dollars with this one program now the good thing about digital attitude that give you the skills that give you the knowledge to make money on the internet and you can literally make money with anything so I have multiple streams of income I don’t just make money with digital altitude guys I can show you my my stripe account this is another account where I get paid through stripe is just like PayPal you’ve probably heard of it as you can see right here guys I’ve made over forty two thousand dollars with this and this all happened this year this year guys and I can show you my other stripe account let’s go to my other stripe account here as you can see I’ve made over sixteen thousand in this account and I can go to my PayPal account and show you what I’ve made in my PayPal account I’ve made over almost thirteen thousand dollars in my PayPal and guys that’s that’s almost like that’s very close to a hundred thousand dollars and this is not all guys I’ve no I made like I’ve made at least about a hundred and ten to fifteen thousand dollars this year already and it’s not even over yet so I’m not here to brai let’s get this straight I’m not here to break at all just want to show you what’s possible if you just if you get in digital altitude once you join this altitude you can click that link below this video to join by the way but when you join this program you’re going to get access to your own coach he or she is going to walk you through every step and show you how to succeed online and not only that you’re going to get access to a private Facebook group where thousands of other members are making income with this program so it’s not just me here there are many other people out there making money with this program so you know take it from me guys I’m not nothing special you know what I’m saying I I didn’t finish high school and I’m able to do this a lot of my friends uh they didn’t believe it they didn’t believe it guys so you probably have a lot of people in your ear as well telling you that you can’t do this you can do this you know you have to be careful online there are a lot of scams out there but this is a reliable legitimate company and it’s been around for years and it’s happened many many people make money online so if you want to get started you can click the link below this video and go to the website now I want to show you some some I don’t only want to show you my income on the internet I want to show you some real life proof here so you can see that I’m not lying these are all hundreds all hundreds this is about ten thousand dollars so like I said guys I’m not here to break at all I just want you to see what’s possible because I said one thing when I started working on the internet when I started succeeding and started making money I was going to help as many people as I can and that’s why I’m here today that’s why I’m shooting these videos of course I’m going to get a commission if you sign up but at the end of the day guys I feel good I can sleep good at night knowing I’ve helped someone make money on the internet so this is the perfect opportunity or you can click the link below this video once you go to the website there’s go be another video you need a watch you need to watch that video all the way through so you can understand more about this program and after you finish that video you click that button below it and you can get started you can get started today you can join our group and you can start making money thank you for watching the video I see you on the other side peace and blessed

Testing FAST Ways To Make Money Online

hey guys welcome back to my channel today we are doing another one of the testing kinda weird ways that you can make money so somebody suggested to try a dog-walking app so we’re getting into the realm of on-demand apps and if you can actually make money doing this so if you’ve never heard of wag or over there pretty much like post baits or uber for dog walking so you can like request someone to come walk your dog I mean this immediately you had me thinking okay how much money can you actually make doing this are people really requesting dog walks like is it gonna gonna get any walks I did it and I’ll take you guys through the process today so the one I decided to go with was wag so first thing when I open the app I can see the other dog walkers in the area my competition start applications will let’s apply just not go into shape as my zip code okay so just typical questions here first name last name nothing too difficult choose your gender there we go upload a selfie oh I’ll just take one right now that’ll do alright good looks fine how old are you oh yeah you guys have to be 18 to use this app wagga is looking for the best of the best to join the pack tell us about yourself and why you’d like to be a dog walker i’m testing this for a video no I don’t think that would go over well 15 min eaten ate it okay and now we have to talk about dogs I think this is where the questions might get a little tricky have you ever worked as a professional dog walker I can’t say that I’ve done that have you ever volunteered at an animal shelter I actually have but it was only for a day it never works as a vet no wow a lot of these are making me feel like I’m not gonna get it like no I’m not a vet do you have any pet sitting experience yes have you ever owned a dog yes parents technically what kind of dog golden retriever cute they say hey does your dog still live with you they just say that to every dog it’s like a really ugly dog cute confirm oh now we have to take another quiz when you meet a dog for the first time I feel like I shouldn’t give away all these answers but I’ll go through some of them with you guys I feel like you could scare a dog if you’re really trying to be like the Alpha this is tricky you see I’m not really sure definitely not chase the dog around the home until you work it let’s get the leash clip securely I think it was a day later I got an email asking for more info they have you submit a profile photo right so once you’re accepted to wag the first thing I have to do is complete my profile so it’s taking me to this page your identification so you take a picture of your license or a passport or something like that take off my passport or you can do a license either one is fine and then they email you a contract to sign and then you have to pay a $25 onboarding fee I think it’s just so they can do a background check I’m just gonna enter in my card info oh you pay $30 okay whatever two walks you’ve already earned that back right and now I have to submit a profile photo just uploaded my photo and then they have like a fake profile for you but just got a text saying I was accepted or my profile photo was accepted it’s gonna click the link they sent me so that I can verify my identity complete form and then confirm everything and confirm all right now I guess I have to do the background check alright you guys so it is now two days since I originally applied I got an email an hour ago saying to set up my wag app profile oh my gosh okay it’s fake having me meet up with golden lab at Starbucks as if the dog was just hanging out at Starbucks tap and ride after completing the mock walk which took like five minutes they immediately let me start accepting walks they let it go to like a ten mile radius I picked one that was kind of far away it was like eight miles away but I only had like this day to film the video so I’m gonna try and request this walk it’s eight miles away we will contact you shortly to confirm whether or not you got the walk but Jun looks adorable what a beautiful husky oh my god so when we got to the place it wasn’t really like the nicest area I was a bit like creeped out it was the experience of this like I don’t know if I’d want to do this like alone you know like kind of creepy to go into someone else’s house you never know if this could be some weird like scheme I don’t know just a thought that ran through my mind you know there’s kind of a safety risk I guess it was pretty easy to park pretty easy to get in just give you a little code to get the key get into the house they had some instructions to get the dog out and stuff this dog you guys was so hyper and this dog wastes no time doing its business so I started walking the dogs walked around the neighborhood all right do you want to keep walking okay dogs really likes to pull oh there we go Oh gross what is that like nothing but I you and I have to carry this yeah I know there’s another dog there yeah you don’t want that no you don’t want that hi oh hi oh no we’re not running this particular dog I totally see why the owner didn’t want to walk it it was like pulling me the whole time it was like really had some power it’s had some force in that dog like I was like whoa hold up June 10 minutes into the walk I got a thing asking if they could extend at 30 minutes and I accidentally clicked okay but I don’t actually have 30 more minutes to spare because I have to get going after this I had to like ask them if I could not do it and then I got a text from wagging like you may get a bad review so just know if you do that you might get a better view okay let’s keep going come on so I told the dog owners out and walk the dog for 10 extra minutes because of this sorry for the misunderstanding and they were like okay so it’s good we’re just about done with the walk this dog still has so much energy though oh my gosh and I okay come on no come on I need a good picture for your report card this is like an arm workout this is why I do my job have a great day June alright so now I have to do her report card so I’m just saying how sweet and excited she was she was very excited like a little too excited like calm down girl but no she was like a good dog and it like here’s the photo I thought of her so cute yeah and I still got a really good review and a tip so I walked the dog for the base was 30 minutes they offer you $12 for the 30 minutes I ended up walking the dog for ten extra minutes so I walked it for 40 minutes I got a $4 tip that’s pretty good actually so I made sixteen dollars in 40 minutes plus the time to drive there it took me like 30 minutes to drive there 16 dollars for an hour time and aren’t a little over an hour’s time I only accepted this one that was far away because I didn’t have time I got a ton of requests that were like half a mile away from me like I’ve gotten a bunch that I could actually walk to I feel like this is a good thing for someone who already has another job maybe it just wants to earn some extra money because it’s so easy seriously it took three days to get accepted and like 16 dollars and 30 minutes that’s like better than minimum wage so pretty enjoyable to like after the walk I was like ah I feel good I got outside like some exercise I walked a mile and a half is it worth doing this I feel like it’s great if you’re a college student and you want to earn some extra money on your own schedule not be committed to a job that you have to go to at certain hours you know what that flexibility pros it’s easy and kind of fun if you like dogs you know you could probably listen to music or something another Pro the pay potentially could be better than a lot of other jobs if you planned it right and we’re efficient you can make like 20 or 30 dollars an hour that’s probably not realistic all the time but still better the minimum wage in most places probably the best pro of it is the flexibility like you can do it literally whenever you want as far as I’ve seen there’s pretty much always people wanting their dogs walk-ons it’s kind of sketchy to go to someone’s house I don’t like that another con you have to drive to each place you could waste a lot of time doing that another con you’re not building any skills or a career really it’s just like a random thing another con you have to pay taxes they don’t take it out for you obviously you’re not getting medical benefits or insurance or anything like that so yeah that is the experience of being a dog walker on an app Wow 2017 is just a weird time this would have been awesome when I was like 14 although you have to be 18 to use the app so alright I hope that you enjoyed another episode of me trying random boys to make money I feel like they’re kind of interesting let me know if you have other things you’ve heard of and want me to try if you’ve ever tried one of these apps before let me know how it went I’m very curious or if you plan on trying it now that you watch the video oh my gosh let me know also I guess I’ll put the code for wag because you can get like some you get a free walk if you have a dog or something like that and then we both get credit I mean who’s seriously gonna pay someone how much dough off their dog feel like my viewers probably wouldn’t if you have – I’ll leave the link below obviously you don’t have to though alright I hope that you guys enjoyed this video I’ll see you in my next video bye [Music]

Make Money Online FAST COPYING & PASTING! (2018)

hi this is John from John Michael marketing calm and before I reveal to you a stupid simple way how you can make money online simply by copying and pasting leveraging other people’s work let me just quickly invite you to click on the link in the description box right here below this video so you can get instant access to my number one recommendation to making money online and if you’re excited to see what’s coming up don’t forget smash the like button and subscribe to my channel selecting the Bell icon so you can get notified every single time we launch a new video on different ways you can make money online and earn from home also you can drop me a message right here below just let me know you subscribe so I will welcome you alright so without further adieu let’s get right to it now I want you to go first of all to Google and I want you to tie it SEO clerks SEO clerks SEO CL e RK s so this gonna take us to a website you can see here SEO clerks SEO marketplace you’re gonna go here where it says join so you can create a free account alright so I’ve got an account here so it automatically logged me in now in this marketplace people are selling different services regarding to SEO or search engine optimization and social media services so these for example could be Facebook Likes or Facebook shares or stuff like that that can help businesses grow their social media reach so let’s go and see which are the popular services here so for example I can sort by rating and I can see here that one of the most popular services here is high quality YouTube views these are YouTube likes SoundCloud followers or likes SoundCloud plays alright let’s take for example SoundCloud play so you can see here that this person is selling 15,000 SoundCloud plays in your track for $1 you might be aware that there is another website also called this is not about selling on Fiverr I just want to show you a similar site that sells gigs like this we call these gigs so it’s you search for F IV e and that will bring you to this and so we’ll say fiber comm you just click there next I want you to go to google and type here everybody now is eBay so you’re gonna go here on eBay and you’re gonna go here where it says register right here on the top and you’re gonna create a free account so once you create your free account and you log in you’re gonna come here and we’re gonna start looking for similar services so for example SoundCloud plays so let me just copy that and I come here on eBay I’ll type SoundCloud plays here you can see people selling 14,000 SoundCloud plays look at this 52 sold already SoundCloud plays at 4.96 now this guy here is selling $15,000 for one measly dollar that means you can multiply your profit five times by selling this gig here on eBay so we said you created a free account on eBay and you’re gonna come here where it’s a sell and you can open this thing up and you can list this particular gig as you can see it here and you can list it here on eBay and set it for $5 or even you could set it for let’s say $4 and compete this gig here but there are a lot a lot of lots of people selling SoundCloud plays here right and different prices now like the SoundCloud plays there are a ton of other options that you can I think that you can sell let me just quickly show you what I mean so let me just go back here to SEO clerks and we can time for example YouTube views let me just type YouTube used which are really really popular here and we always sort by rating so we can see the most popular ones and always look at their ratings in their common and all of that before you make a choice with who you want to order so I’m gonna open another tab here and I’m gonna look for YouTube views I’m telling you there’s a ton of ton of services that you can resell here so for example you can see here 5,000 YouTube views for $18 1,000 YouTube views for $6 well if I go here you can find 1,000 to 1,500 YouTube views for $1 I mean the prices here they’re so so cheap on SEO clerks they’re even cheaper than you can find them on Fiverr so I mean you could even buy them from SEO clerks and do the same thing on fiber ok list them here on which is a similar thing they’re selling again gigs similar gigs and without doing any work ok you just literally you get an order you come here you place it they deliver boom you get your money ok but nothing to look into fiber right now we’re gonna look into eBay where there is less competition and you can even list that your price is a little bit higher so YouTube views you can buy five thousand views as I showed you on here on ACL clerks for three dollars and you can resell them for $18 or 1000 views here you can buy them for $1 and selling for $6 and the same thing applies to YouTube views YouTube likes YouTube comments and a ton a ton of other services related to social media I’m just showing you a few examples here again if you sort here by rating and you remove here the YouTube views you can scroll down you can get idea of what is being sold and then you can just come here on eBay create a listing we’re just gonna do this really really fast I don’t want to keep this video too long to show you how to create a listing but we’re gonna just walk you through it very very fast soundcloud place I’m gonna sort by rating there it is 1,500 SoundCloud plays for $1 yes this person has two and a half thousand positive ratings and only ten bad so rest assured is very good you can see it here you can literally just copy that and come here so here’s it’s helping you okay so specialty services we’re gonna look for this we’re gonna go for this one business industrial websites businesses for sale marketing okay marketing or you can go computer services it’s helping you find the category let’s go for the marketing so it found the category for us UPS does not apply condition description you could come here literally just take what this guy sees here okay obviously I’m not taking you know time and effort to edit it right now and make any changes I want but you’re gonna do that okay I’m just making an example here so obviously you don’t want to just copy it exactly add photos you know just upload something find a picture about SoundCloud okay let’s say let’s go to Google type SoundCloud plays go to images let’s say you find this one you you image I’m gonna save that in my downloads and then we come here in our listing and we’re gonna upload the photo to SoundCloud face right brands we don’t have a brand we don’t have item description actually here I’m gonna put the item description here you can keep it short auction type fixed price you don’t need to make any option just fixed price bite now so we can say for example I don’t know four dollars or 399 something like that now if you want if you want to be your price to be a little bit flexible and sell more you could check this let buyers make offers being flexible when your price will help your item sell faster so it would say automatically accept offers of at least so maybe you can accept offers of at least 350 for example or I don’t know $2.99 up to you automatically decline offers lower than anything you put whatever numbers you want here then you need to check here which is PayPal and add a paypal email address you’re gonna have a money-back guarantee policy if you want I will just go here and see if this person has or not if they have I would add one two if they don’t I would say no generally money-back guarantee can help you get more sales but again can help you also have more headaches but generally it’s really advised to have a money-back guarantee okay but you know if they don’t offer you here maybe you don’t want to offer or maybe because the cost is so low and you’re selling at five times prior to the price maybe you want to offer money-back guarantee so you can get more orders generally with any products I’ve solved I’ve always offered the money-back guarantee and it has always helped increase conversions according to different tests I’ve done here regarding this shipping doesn’t really matter because you’re not shipping anything so you can say no shipping if you want just to make things more simple here and then you just click list item once you finish all right that’s it really really simple there’s a ton of services that you can buy from SEO clerks and you can resell them on Fiverr if you want you can resell them or on ebay take the time to research here what items you can sell and the prices you can also sell backlinks ok backlinks are very very popular they’re sold a lot here on SEO clerks if I search for backlinks basically they are links from all over the internet pointing to let’s say a particular site and that helps that website rank on Google for example or help a video rank on YouTube again I typed your backlinks I sort by rating and you can see here all the different types of gigs and different types of backlinks and again you can find also backlinks sold here on eBay there as you can see here 55,000 verified SEO backlinks 200,000 verified there’s a ton a ton of options more doesn’t mean better now in days okay usually less backlinks quality backlinks are gonna help people get better results and thousands of backlinks like this but you know I’m just telling you here that there are a ton of services that you can resell both on Fiverr on eBay and you don’t need to do any work okay you’re just gonna list them once you’re gonna get the order you just go here you just place the order you’re gonna we’re just click here we taste order now okay you complete that any information that is requested once they deliver you know you deliver here also the gig and you get your money and that’s in this person’s gonna do all the work okay and you’re gonna get paid five times higher for example okay the pricing is up to you okay you can reduce the pricing and make yourself more competitive or you can increase it and pocket more money per sale up to you anyway that’s it really really simple anybody can do this if you just take action okay just take action implement what I say in these videos and you can start making some money online this method is not gonna make you thousands and thousands of dollars but you can invest this money into something else for example in my number one recommendation to make your money online which you can access right now by clicking on the link in the description box right here below this video and if you’ve got any value from my video don’t forget to smash like button subscribe to my channel selecting the bell icon so you can get notified every single time I launch a new video on different ways that you can make money online and work from home so I hope you enjoyed this video drop me a comment if you’ve got any questions let me know that you subscribed and looking forward to seeing you on my next video thanks for watching bye bye [Music]

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hey guys what’s going on Jews Benny here back to you calm insiders and today I’m gonna talk about the top three ways you can go out there on 2015 and make money I’m actually gonna break it down into three different categories number one is how you go out there and make money this idea will let you make money without having any cash on hand so anyone can go do this there’s no excuses all the Texas your time a laptop on an internet connection and you can start making money today number two it requires a very small investment but it has a massive upside where you could make potentially millions number three is how you can really multiply the money you make from business number two and start to really reap in the benefits and start to build wealth so this is today’s episode let’s jump in okay guys tip number one our business number one that you go out there and start this takes zero money all it requires is a little bit of time for you to go out there and invest time in learning a little bit so you actually have a skillet you can sell and sell your services so this is pretty much freelance in it anyone can do this this is how I actually get started about four or five years ago online this is how I made my first dollar online it’s super super easy to go out there and do this to get started and it does require effort like you’re not gonna go out there and you’re not gonna get rich quick off this and I know that a lot of my fans a lot of people watch this video you’ll probably do dropship but you’re gonna talk about number two and they see these huge screen shots they see hundred CAD days they see hundred camp months million dollar months and that’s what they want right away but what people don’t tell you and what the girls don’t tell you is that doesn’t happen you don’t get that overnight the only reason I can have success there is because I’ve generated money with other sort of businesses online which gave me a little bit to start with and whether that’s only 500 or a thousand dollars having that there allows you to succeed much quicker than someone who is no money so rather than going on there and start the dropshipping store with maybe a hundred dollars I would recommend starting doing freelance and work and if you built a Shopify store that is enough that you have enough skilled and while there right now and start doing freelance and so I’m gonna recommend you a couple of different websites number one is people per hour this is where I got started it’s where I did all my freelance in work and you can go there and check it out and you can literally people post jobs all day long hundreds and hundreds of jobs and you can literally go in there apply for maybe 10 to 20 jobs per day and you’ll maybe get one or two of them now that it doesn’t seem great but if you can get one or two jobs per day for $50 each that’s a hundred dollars a day seven hundred dollars per week which is two thousand eight hundred dollars a month which is a pretty average wage but if you’re doing this at night maybe you spend two hours a night doing this for a month now you’ve got two thousand eight hundred dollars plus maybe a little bit of money from your job you can take that money and invest it in to another business and that’s what you’ve really started to come you know compile your money and start to make a lot more some people cars the first one up work is the second one and I don’t really recommend fibre but this is other ones like online job stop hits and stuff but I would say stick to people per hour stick to up work and also look for Facebook groups and join entrepreneurial Facebook groups there’s tons of people posting jobs then there then he’d done and look you might have to take on all the jobs you might have to do something that you’re a little bit not comfortable with but you’ll learn a ton from this is you can apply to other businesses in the future so I highly recommend going out there and doing this it’s a really good experience it gives you a ton of stuff seals experience talking back and forth it gives you you know experience with dealing with clients dealing with people on whether or not you go on to to start a drop shipping business or an e-commerce business these skills are invaluable everywhere else in your life if you just go and get a corporate job these skills will help you it’s actually how I got a job at PwC if I had never done freelancing and I hadn’t been able to talk about that in my interview I probably wouldn’t have ever got a job at PwC because honestly my careers are pretty terrible and I didn’t do well at school the only reason I landed a top-tier accounting firm job was because I had experience dealing with clients in when I was doing this on the side after school and stuff like that even if you’re a teenager you can still go out there and do this so put the effort in and one thing I will say when you’re applying for these jobs use video proposals you might think I’m not comfortable and confident just get on it get started if you watch this video and go back and look at a video from a year ago from me the difference in it looks like I’m a different person it’s crazy how much you improve just by doing something every single day so get comfortable the cameras start building a personal brand and start going out there and doing some freelancing work so you can build cash to invest in other businesses so that’s number one go out there and do that if you’ve no cash not as the way to get started so hopefully you guys enjoy that little tip let’s talk about business number two okay guys so business number two is my favorite business it’s really where I got started with making a lot of money you know I did the freelance and stuff I did some Instagram stuff and I made good money there but really when I started to make some serious cash was when I started dropship and I went from in my first month well in my first month I think I do hundred dollars because really getting things set up on my first full month and dropship and I made $14,000 and about three thousand dollars of that was profit then I went ahead and I think in my second month then about 48 care so and then the third month six-figure month within three months I went from zero to six figures in other industries that probably sounds pretty crazy but with the power of Facebook and drop shipping the two combined if you have a good product you can really really push it and make a lot of money super super fast so what is drop shipping essentially if you don’t know basically it’s you can start an e-commerce business without ever touching any stock a lot of people think of drop shipping as this sort of it’s essentially just a business model really drop shipping is the fulfillment side of your business and how you fulfill your orders so initially when people think of an e-commerce business you probably think of ordering a ton of products to your high span maybe a couple of grams for stock and then when someone has a orders a product from you you slap the label on and you bring it to the post office and ship and I with drop shipping you don’t have to do any of that so the been big benefits of it really are you know you don’t have to lay out any money on stock you don’t have to you know order stock in and all that a ton of cash so it’s a very cheap business model to get started with and it’s super super skill so what we like to do is use a website called Aliexpress we go I mean you know we sell products on Facebook so we advertise a product that we get from Aliexpress we advertise it on Facebook customers come to our website give us $20 with that $20 we then go purchase the product from Aliexpress for two or three dollars and then we take the profit so 17 dollars profit – maybe seven dollars over here on Facebook so says you make ten dollars but we get that $20 first before you know we have to order the product so a customer gives us $20 we use that $20 they give us to buy the product I’m the shipping and then the supplier we send that order to the supplier who then ships the product directly to the customer so a lot of the work is really techn art of it and most of the work comes down to the Facebook advertising side of it and it’s not just Facebook you can use other traffic sources as well but it is probably the easiest way to start getting the order is in facebook so that’s model number two and I think it’s probably best to have five hundred thousand dollars to get in the dropship and really make it work and if you want to learn more about it there’s a ton of info on my channel and if you actually want like a full start-to-finish guide I do have a full e-commerce course where students have done millions of dollars in seals and you can get that in the first link in the description but that’s number two and hopefully you guys enjoyed that number three is really one that is tagging my attention just coming into late 2017 early 2018 where we are now and its really grabbed my attention not as the crypto currency markets literally in the past probably a month I’ve made over 25 grand off cryptocurrencies and you know I invest a very minimal amount of my net worth in high-risk investments and my high-risk investments right now are cryptocurrency because massive gains can be mean so for me I’ve let out about $5,000 which is an extremely small portion of all find out worth but I’ve turned that into thirty thousand I know guys out there who are much more high risk than me they’d like to put money out there and look you can start with $3,000 and that might be a hundred percent that maybe your life savings and you go out there and put it in to blows up but you could also lose it very quickly and you’ve got to be aware of that that in decrypt through currency game it is a very new market and it’s very volatile and you don’t really know what you’re doing with your money because you could lose it very very quickly because it’s such a new market no one really knows what’s going on so that is a place where you can make a ton of money but I highly recommend creating an actual business first so you can have an actual freelancing business where you’re making money you’ve got consistent clients you’ve got money coming in every week and you know it’s consistent the same with e-commerce you can you know predictably predict your seals for the next month for the next three months I know that you’re gonna have money coming in down the line and you can build a business that’s actually sellable and I like to take my profits from from my dropship you know make ecommerce businesses and put a little bit of them into these high-risk investments I also have lower risk investments like stocks and eventually we’re going to get into some real estate but cryptocurrency is a huge market right now and I do recommend during your own research I don’t really teach anything about it on my channel because I don’t feel unqualified to do it I don’t feel like I’m an expert I focus is ecommerce and that’s what I know and that’s what I teach and I love it I’m always gonna stand that I best invest a very small amount of time each week in the cryptocurrency but I knew this value there but I know it’s also super high risk but I’m very much a buy-and-hold investor and I invest in companies that I think of potential a lot of people are out there dead trading and swing trading on on the currencies and I don’t really know much of that I don’t want to learn about it so what I do is I go and I read the white papers of a lot of different cryptocurrencies and you know you’re in the grips if you’re on Facebook and you’re sort of in that make money online niche I’m sure you’ve seen your friend who used to be a plumber and now he’s a cryptocurrency expert because everyone in their grounding is getting into cryptocurrency 9 and you know rightly so it’s it’s it’s a new space and there’s a lot of money to be mean but I like to value invest and it’s I like to jump into coins that I think have long-term potential and I think they provide value to the market versus just speculating on a coin that oh I hope this goes up in the next three that is net cash on a lot of the coins I’m holding I plan to hold for the next 12 to you know 36 months and see where they go if if you had have invested 5k in the top 10 cryptocurrencies on the 1st of January 2017 and held them until the end of 2017 you would have been six hundred and fifty five thousand dollars so if you take a very small portion of your dropshipping earnings maybe you earn ten grand a week drop shipping you put five of that in there into that cryptocurrency I just leave it there for a year and let it grow you’re still making money over here with your other businesses I let your crib do go so hopefully you guys enjoyed that video you know I’ve really enjoyed talking to you about these three models and hopefully it gives you some ideas especially you guys either who don’t have any cash and maybe you’re lacking money to run Facebook ads or whatnot go start a freelancer business make some money within a month and invest in your drop ship and business then once you start making money drop shipping start to invested elsewhere and crypto real estate stocks whatever it is to bring in passive income while you sleep so hopefully you guys enjoyed this if you did hit that subscribe button if you’re new here turn on notifications little drop a comment down below let me know what you thought of the video I label like we really appreciate it if you do want to join econ domination which is that flagship course which takes you start to finish from start not an e-commerce drop shipping store the link will be in the description you can grab it there get started and you know we hold your hand all the way through setting that up and getting you to a profitable storage so hope you got enjoyed this video and I’ll see you guys tomorrow

Starting an Ecommerce Business Changed My Life | Tips and Tricks

Good morning homies it’s 6 a.m. right now and today I promise this is not going to be that interesting of a vlog I mean maybe things seem to turn around a lot but today I have so much work to do that it is that’s why I’m up at 6 a.m. and I’ll be working until 10 a.m. where I have to go buy a bunch of baby body suits for my business and then bring them all the way back home and do basically my same exact job that I do all morning again so it’s gonna be it’s gonna be long and Sunday’s are usually there with the hardest mondays or the day where I relax that’s why I love Monday so much as Josh lava comes over and takes over.

But for the weekend I usually in the guy who handles it anyways that’s it so I don’t know what’s in having me I can show the process of doing that we’ll figure it out pretty pretty day today look how sunny it is dig every single day in California is pretty sunny or usually at least but since it’s a hectic busy day

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I’m dropping in just for a second to say what’s up and I’m going down to Huntington to buy a crazy amount of baby onesies for my online baby clothing store it’s gonna be crazy it’s gonna be a hectic day this vlog is going to suck I’m saying that very confidently right now but when I get back I’m going to show you exactly what I do for the business and what exactly I get the steps I go through to create the products to ship it out the programs I use etc

I think it’s pretty interesting for anyone who’s uh who’s interested in using things like that I don’t know I’ll show you all my little outlets it’ll be cool alright if I keep my skateboard as hard as I possibly can getting I could clear it all the way nope I would kill that guy right there there’s a guy walking I’m going to try though much I to clean my board one to three sets of stairs right now kashun break here goes nothing okay all right buddy you made it if you’re just watching my channel I do that pretty much every single day and the only reason I beat up this board so bad is because that’s kind of the attraction to this skateboard.

It’s like a beat-up filmer board and I kind of just do that stuff a lot because it won’t actually break it’ll always be useful but I don’t skate it anyways I don’t do tricks on it doesn’t matter how beat up it is so I like the idea of a beat-up thumber board this mess has to disappear perfect one piece of candy you see all the way over there that’s where I have to be in two minutes when it opens that’s so dumb but luckily I’m a skateboarder so that is my cheat my cheat code yes I bought about 40 sets of bodysuits which is 40 times 5 so 200 bodysuits and I have to go to another Carter’s to buy more so that’s for my heading to right now.

If you go all the way up like 35 minutes kind of the opposite direction but it doesn’t matter as long as I’m getting them for the day because I want to try to prepare for the week this time instead of prepare for the next three days yeah another thing I need to address a lot of people see my videos and they think why don’t you buy wholesale it’s got to be way cheaper what you don’t know is that I’m actually buying these for super super cheap I do have a wholesale account with TSE apparel and their body suits actually end up being about 20 cents more than I would get from Carter’s it’s crazy but they’re actually cheaper Carter’s and more convenient because I have about 6 next to my house hello sister that is about 245 body suits.

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I will say the most disheartening thing about Long Beach is the parking which I think I’ve said a lot of times in my videos but the thing is I park I’m about three blocks away from my place right now but it’s like a gamble each time it’s not the fact that you have to skate far it’s the fact that you could potentially not have to skate far but then you lose the gamble and then you have to park far what was hilarious though is when Sam Tabor Casey Bechtler were with me and Jordan hunter they’re staying with me and they’re in my con we were on the way to LA and you know I’m very used to the traffic at this point I still hate it but I’m very used to it we were in the car and they were so dumbfounded flabbergasted they were just like this is the worst like I don’t I don’t understand what’s happening they were like legitimately confused about what was going on now that all this happens

You know you stopped in traffic you stay in the exact same spot for you know five minute intervals you move about 20 feet you sigh for five minutes and they were just like they were quiet like the car got there the funniest guys ever we all have like the best time hanging out and were just like all being super silly all the time and at that moment it was just like silence and everyone’s like this it’s terrible and they were just like dude I could never live here and I was like really so where you guys live is cool anyways interesting so here’s the thing a lot of people have been very curious about my business and what I do how I started it etc etc etc and it’s actually a very very simple concept and I don’t mind at all sharing all the and outs of how to get it done what I do I sell mainly through Amazon I sell some one eBay and my website sells a few also but Amazon is my main source of income so that is where I list all my items.

And then right here as you can tell on the right is where I have on my body suits and that is where I stash all of my inventory and the inventory includes tape envelopes that the heat press there’s not much to it I use shipstation comm which a lot of businesses do but it’s a really easy way to organize all of your orders once you install it and then once you kind of figure out how it works I’m not gonna explain all the details of that because there’s easy tutorials I kind of tell you how and if you’re selling a lot of stuff you can pretty much connect any channel to ship station so if you have multiple channels like I do like eBay Amazon and a website.

I can actually link it all into one thing so when i refresh the page all the orders show up and it’s really easy to deal with I put in the weight amounts I put in the delivery service I’m going to use and then at once I print all the labels and then I print the packing slips I then organize the packing slips and the labels and I put them together I match up the names and I put them aside I don’t have labels that stick which I probably should but it’s much cheaper just to use tape and the labels themselves after that I use CorelDraw my PC which is a monitor that I just have stashed in the corner here and this computer is specifically for my business so I just search whatever design that I need.

I uploaded a CorelDraw and then I usually just organize all of the orders on one page or at least as many as I can handle and then I individually create pages to print by dragging as many orders I can fit on a page and then I printed out mere reflective on a certain type of paper maybe I’m not explaining every single detail because there’s a lot to this but that’s pretty much what I do I print them all out and then I cut them individually and then I match them up with the labels and then I make a stack on the bed over there that’s what you see sometimes in some of my videos where I have time lapses that is a stack full of orders that are organized with their design during that process I have my heat press warmed up to about 350 and that is the temperature that I need to use to press the designs onto the bodysuits takes about 12 seconds of just pressing and they’re permanently on the bases forever.

It’s great if you use the kind of paper that I use with white light-colored bodysuits sometimes I do black ones but I actually realized that the just to use a heat press with black/dark bodysuits just doesn’t look as good that’s like a screen printing machine after pressing the design I just fold him match them with their labels and the packing slips I put them in an envelope and I ship it it’s really that simple towards the end it’s just like it’s just kind of a tedious process but once you figure it out it’s super super quick yeah there’s a reason I don’t really showcase this brand too much and why I don’t really talk about it too much it’s urban Sky’s boutique if you want to look into it you can urban Sky’s boutique calm and it’s because it’s kind of a self automated brand.

It is a business that I created with the intent of business it doesn’t really apply to a lot of passions that I have besides the idea of creating something from nothing and trying to see if he will like it and kind of figure out the market etc etc etc so the business was kind of created as an automation to eventually do something that I really really want to do and then I’m really passionate about that involves all my avenues in life which are you know skateboarding filmmaking youtubing etc etc etc I talked about this in my Q&A a little bit but I’m just going into a little more detail but this business is pretty much a system that is set up to help support a new brand that will ultimately help people.

I think everyone in the world secretly deep down wants to create something to help other people and I think that’s like a main priority but nobody really has like the income to start a business and be like hey I know I’m getting all these proceeds but now let me just give it up to build this business bigger and now I just care about making money to build my business instead of helping people which I initially started this thing to do in the first place so creating an automation I did that because I liked the idea of having extra money on the side that isn’t that has nothing to do with the new brand that I’m working on and that I can use to build a brand to support people to help people that I think could use a help immediately right off the bat my intention is to make life easier for people who I can relate to especially younger dudes who seek who want like the best possible life they can have which everyone and but it’s really hard to find the motivation a really hard to find the guidance to find that and I think the brand that I’m building can help at least a little bit and that’s it that is today’s vlog it is over right now while it’s still light out which is I think the first time ever I’ve been to the vlog this early.

But I want to enjoy this as much as possible want to be out here because I have to go inside for a bunch of more hours and finish all the work which is not really a problem it’s it’s really easy work it’s fun but it would be really cool if I could build this towards something that I’m very passionate about which I’ve talked about a ton in this episode and I am also sorry that this wasn’t a very like boom boom boom boom fast paced episode of mostly just about the business how it works and kind of I don’t know sharing my dreams and ambitions which will start happening sooner than later if you’re interested in the details of everything that is happening just keep above this channel and if you want to see more skateboarding daily videos daily vlogs everyday videos are like this well they’re usually a lot more fun than this but this one.

I think is informative which is important once in a while so thanks to differ subscribing watching commenting liking and anything else you can do to a video possibly on YouTube I really appreciate it you guys have been amazing the support has been unreal and I love this like this family that I think is being created through YouTube with the commoners when with the viewers and with me it’s just like been it’s been a great time so thanks again goodnight

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