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Razaq Olaniyi Sunmonu


Everyone has something to say about his life. I started my career as a french teacher while I was in Nigeria. I started teaching as far back as 1995. I used to teach French Language across primary to tertiary institutions and private teaching. I am a family man, a father of 2.

While I was doing my teaching I came across a friend who introduced me to Forex Trading. I did that for a couple of years and stop it. I was not successful in it. But to still be working online I came across information marketing online in a Nigeria weekly magazine called Success Digest. I started information marketing training before I travel to United Kingdom in 2007

In London today I am fully on Internet Marketing and making some progress in achieving my dream.

I am into:

Internet Marketing

Email Marketing

Reviews of Products


Social Media Marketing

Traffic Generation and many more.

My mission is help to grow as many entrepreneurs as soon as possible. I am still learning somethings to keep myself with the trend of the business and be able to share them with you!

Meet the Team

Saj P, Vick and Chris records are the brains behind my growth and success in my internet marketing. They are always there for me and my team.

Saj P.

Founder & CEO Of Laptop Lifestyle

Saj P is a great and successful entrepreneur. He lives in United Kingdom. He is my partner and mentor.

Vick Strihzeus

Founder & CEO of  4%ter

Vick is a very successful entrepreneur who manages many companies online. He lives in United States. He is my partner and Mentor.

Chris Record

Founder & CEO of Tecademics

Chris is well known all over the internet. He is very successful and power broker online. He lives in Arizona, United States. He is my mentor and partner.

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